January 01, 2006

Short History of Gerald 'Joe' Moreno

== Work In Progress ==

My interactions with Gerald 'Joe' Moreno began (unofficially) on November 15, 2004, when I received an email from him. It was a defensive reply to posts that I had written on a forum where I made several statements about Gerald to which he objected.

I found out later that he had published the exchange on his website. I found it puzzling that he would term it "email correspondence", given that I have never written to him and his email was simply a reply to some posts. In any case, I felt sympathetic for him and his situation. At the time, he appeared to be something of a serious investigator who wanted to get to the truth of the Sai Baba affair, and had allegedly received dismissive treatment from anti-Sai activists which may have accounted for his unpleasant attitude. Moreover I was concerned by what he had written about me as part of his conclusion:

"In Conclusion, a former devotee of Sathya Sai Baba, Sanjay Dadlani, made personal attacks and erroneous allegations against me without even making a single inquiry or doing the most basic of research ... He did not even attempt to contact me even once! Sanjay's posts also confirm what I say on my index page about anti-SSB activists; namely, that when anyone challenges their alleged "facts" character assassination is preferred over clarification or answers. Immediately, one can see the vitriolic streak and desperation of Sanjay Dadlani when he tries find something wrong with my site, so he could attack it ... Also, Sanjay Dadlani's assessments were on old posts dispersed on the Yahoo forum. He obviously did not even reference the original pages that have the updated articles (despite scouring my site to find something wrong with it). This furthers my original contention, "...suggesting that anger, rather than genuine grievances, are driving this Anti-Sai Campaign".

I initially thought that it was rather accelerative of Gerald to arrive at a conclusion without properly discussing his grievances with me, even by email. It was only later that I came to know that this was his typical modus operandi. In any case I began a draft reply that I felt would answer all of his objections in a satisfactory manner, as well as explain to him how his conclusions were incorrect in that genuine grievances (in the matter of homosexual paedophilia, involvement in murders, and so forth) are driving the Anti-Sai Campaign.

Shortly after that, I noticed that he had opened lines of communication with other anti-Sai colleagues and had arrived at equally ridiculous conclusions. That, as well as the fact that his initial articles were poorly researched and dreadfully written, made me realise that there was little point in engaging with Gerald. For someone to so easily capitalise on perceived inconsistencies and immediately suggest an air of deception about it without making the necessary efforts to obtain clarification and resolution struck me as being innately insidious.

I regret to observe that time has proved my instincts to be correct. Gerald Moreno has now enlarged his website (which included registering a new domain name) so that it now stands as a grand colossus of a soapbox, replete with vindictive character assassination and repulsive rhetoric. He has also proceeded to compose several further articles about me, to which I hope to satisfactorily rebut within this blog.

Far from being the serious investigator we initially thought he was, he has since engaged in a vicious campaign of ad-hominem attacks and poisonous exchanges in his self-imposed mission to defend Sathya Sai Baba. What the Baba himself thinks of Gerald's below-the-belt tactics is anybody's guess, but one thing that is abundantly clear is that Gerald Moreno will eventually have to reap the rewards of his own aggressive turpitude.

(To Be Continued.)